The Distillery

Our distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Poland and is based just outside of the beautiful town of Wroclaw.  The raw ingredients, of the finest Rye (50%), Wheat (25%) and Barley (25%), are grown and produced in the North of Poland which is renowned for their excellent crops. Once the grain is fermented, distilled and rectified it is passed through columns stills.  The finest, purest Polish water is then added to the rectified spirit and the final process is the filtration. U’Luvka is only filtered twice so that it retains all its flavours.

The last thing to do is to taste it! Each batch is blind tasted by a panel of experts, including Elzbieta, against the master blend and 3 previous batches.  All batches are rated on colour, taste and smell and must score consistently.  Once this is approved then they move to the final stage of bottling.